Monday, January 25, 2010

Technologies to Watch in Higher Education: 7 Years' Worth of Predictions

The New Media Consortium and Educause recently published their annual Horizon Report, which "describes six areas of emerging technology that will have significant impact in higher education within three adoption horizons over the next one to five years" (Johnson, Levine, Smith & Stone, 2010).

In response, I compiled the lists of technologies to watch from all seven reports:


Time to Adoption: 1 Year or Less

Time to Adoption: 2 to 3 Years

Time to Adoption: 4 to 5 Years


Learning objects
Scalable vector graphics (SVG)

Rapid prototyping
Multimodal interfaces

Context-aware computing
Knowledge webs


Extended Learning
Ubiquitous wireless

Intelligent searching

Educational gaming

Social Networks & Knowledge Webs
Context-Aware Computing/Augmented Reality


Social computing
Personal broadcasting

The phones in their pockets
Educational gaming

Social networks and knowledge webs
Context-aware computing/augmented reality


User-created content
Social networking

Mobile phones
Virtual worlds

The new scholarship and emerging forms of publication
Massively multiplayer educational gaming


Grassroots video
Collaboration web

Mobile broadband
Data mashups

Collective intelligence
Social operating systems


Cloud computing

Geo-everything (geo-tagging of data)
Personal web

Semantic-aware objects
Smart objects


Mobile computing
Open content

Electronic books
Simple augmented reality

Gesture-based computing
Visual data analysis

Food for thought: Which technologies did they call correctly? Which ones not?

Johnson, L., Levine, A., Smith, R., & Stone, S. (2010). The 2010 Horizon Report.
Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium.

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