Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sadie Katz's Is Closing

Burlington, Vermont loses its Jewish deli

From the best I can tell, Sadie Katz’s Deli in Burlington, Vermont is the closest thing to a traditional New York Deli between Boston and New York, and the North Pole. (Montreal has lots of Jews—but their interpretation of Jewish food is significantly different than their brethren in the U.S.)

But Sadie is closing her doors next Sunday (the day before Labor Day). Someone bought out her lease and, from the best I could tell while eavesdropping, the owner is focusing on a brewpub with pizza by the slice.

Although we discovered a New York-style bagel shop in Burlington the same day we heard this news, it’s a bagel shop, not a deli, and it doesn’t serve matzo ball soup.

If anyone knows of a deli in Western Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Albany, Saratoga Springs, or even Syracuse, please comment.

Otherwise, try to patronize Sadie before she closes her doors for good.