Sunday, July 26, 2009

Worried about Health Care Reform

I am very worried that health care will not pass. When you've known people who had their insurance dropped immediately after a cancer diagnosis, gone bankrupt as a result of health care bills, or gone without care because of the cost, it's heart breaking.

I am similarly worried about the mis-information about the Canadian health care system that's been portrayed in the US. Although it's not perfect, it costs a lot less than health care in the US and people live longer. That might be because of the cold weather, but it might also be because health care isn't that ineffective.

Check out this backgrounder on how one national health care system works:

And contrary to popular belief, research by some of the best health care policy researchers in the US has found that Canadians are NOT crossing the border in large numbers to use the US system.

And paying the hospital and emergency costs of the uninsured drives up costs for everyone.

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