Monday, December 06, 2010

Battle of the e-Book Readers

In the past few weeks, the Toronto Star ran a pair of articles on e-readers.

Consumer columnist Ellen Roseman sings the virtues of her iPad in  “An eReader is good, but an iPad is better” (

In response, Star editor Sarah Millar’s wrote “iPad vs. Kindle, which would you prefer?” ( Despite its non-commital title, Millar decidedly chooses the single-purpose e-book reader in general, and the Kindle in particular. 

For what it’s worth, in my opinion, Millar makes the stronger case.  She points out that the Kindle costs about one-third the price of an iPad, and is lighter and its battery lasts longer.  I’m not sure that the additional features that Roseman highlights are really worth all the extra money. 

That said, I own an iPad and love it.   


Cyril said...

I also (along with the rest of my family) really like my iPad. Have watched a dozen or so movies. Watched a lot of youtube. Listened to tunes. Read a lot of newspaper / magazine articles, and discussion forums. Sent a lot of emails, surfed a lot of web, spent some time on Facebook.
Spent an embarassing amount of time destroying pig houses with bird projectiles.

Yet to sit down and read a book on it even though, ironically, that was one of the initial selling points on the device for me. Not sure why. The weight? The glare? The overly complicated process to move files to the device (for un-jailbroken devices anyway)? The push of a button access to more passive entertainment on the same device?

Admittedly I read more short pieces than books these days anyway, but still. Have been suprised by that. Could realistically see the Kindle being more natural for pure reading.

jaime said...

I think that another advantage is the readability that you can have with the Kindle even in direct sunlight!! And Amazon use it as a sales argument. Check this video out:

Saul Carliner said...

Cyril, I thought I would do more reading on the iPad. But I don't. One is availability of books. But maybe I'm dense, but my iTunes Canada doesn't have an iBooks store. So can't buy from that source.

So I downloaded Kindle for the iPad and have a great book on it. But I don't read it there.